Farms of particular interest to us

If a sale and leaseback isn’t for you and you’re simply looking for a straightforward outright sale, Consortium Land may also be a good starting point.

As any farmer will be aware, the availability and enthusiasm of buyers in the farmland market fluctuates from season to season depending on farm profits in the local area. There are good and bad times to sell and the timing might not necessarily coincide with your own requirements. Under those circumstances a normal agent sale at what you might consider a fair price can take longer than you’d like. That’s where we might be able to help.

Don’t forget though: our priority is to serve the interests of our investor clients. You may have heard stories of investment buyers paying more than farmers. You’ll be wasting your time if you think we are one of those sorts of investors. But there needn’t be a conflict between our clients’ interests and yours as long as what you’re looking for is a quick sale at a fair price.

When it comes to buying farms, we like to take a contrarian approach. We generally tend to avoid farms or localities that are currently attracting a lot of buyer interest. We prefer farms where the value might not be so obvious to other buyers: farms with good fundamentals, but which may be underperforming their piers for one reason or another.

Here are some examples of the type of farms you might find us being more interested in than the average buyer:

  1. Farms in underperforming regions – The farmland market in a particular region can soften after consecutive poor seasons. We understand that the last two years’ performance might not be representative of the long-term trend or likely future performance.
  2. Farms with sub-potential management history – Perhaps you’ve had cashflow problems for some time so you’ve not been maintaining your soils to optimum standards. As a result you haven’t got a decent production history or fertiliser records to show to prospective buyers and no recent soil tests that you’re proud of. As long as the price is right, we have the expertise to see beyond those issues.
  3. Farms that present badly – Maybe you’ve been falling behind with improvements and maintenance, so the infrastructure on your farm is below standard. Perhaps weed control hasn’t been up to scratch, or your farm is simply in need of a cosmetic overhaul. This can put other buyers off, but as long as the price is right, these problems can be easily solved by a well funded buyer.

Consortium Land has clear acquisition criteria and once we’ve done our due diligence we make decisions quickly. For further information about the type of land we buy and the tenants we prefer to do business with please contact our acquisition team on +61 86 22 52 231 for chat on a confidential, no obligation basis.

Before getting in touch, please take a look at the geographic and sector focus section of our website to make sure your farm is in one of sectors and regions we focus on.