Portfolio consultancy

Designing an agricultural asset portfolio is a complex undertaking requiring a combination of skills both in investment and agricultural disciplines. Consortium Land bridges the gap between both fields and as such is well equipped to help investors to design portfolios to meet a specific set of investment criteria and risk profile.

We are experienced in designing and implementing portfolio strategies under a range of circumstances from working directly with institutional investors and high net worth individuals and their advisors to fund investment committees and other investment intermediaries.

Although we do not provide tax, legal or regulatory advice, we have significant structuring experience from previous engagements (particularly with respect to the UK and Australia). In combination with the working relationships we have developed with professional service providers, this allows us to assist our clients to create flexible and tax efficient ownership structures quickly and cost effectively.

If you would like to have a preliminary no obligations discussion with us about how an agricultural asset portfolio might be constructed to meet your own investment requirements, please feel free contact us. If you would prefer us to contact you, please click here to complete the contact form and we will be happy to have the appropriate member of staff call you to begin discussions on a strictly confidential basis.

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Services for Investors

Consortium Land possesses the experience, knowledge and resources to provide the full spectrum of farm investment and management services from initial consultancy, planning and due diligence through to acquisition, operation and disposal.

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Services to farmers

Consortium Land is always mindful of ensuring that no conflict of interest arises between our investor clients and the farmers from whom we acquire land on their behalf, or to whom we lease properties. As such, Consortium Land does not provide services directly to farmers.

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